Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back from the beach!

Back home! Well we had a great vacation. Except for the rain on Wednesday and Friday. That made it really hard to do things especially with two kids in tow. We got to see a lot of neat things and I took over 400 pictures! I really enjoy visiting new places and seeing all of the attractions that are there to see. We went to the Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island which was amazing! I have plenty of pictures to share. The garden was made to commemorate the memory of the first English colony that settled on the island. The first English child that was born in America was born on this island. They have a HUGE statue of Queen Elizabeth made out of brass in the middle of the garden which is unbelievable to see in person. They have a huge fountain with many statues surrounding it and amazing landscaping. If you are ever in the Outer Banks, you must take the trip to Roanoke Island and check out the amazing sights. We also went out on a boat on a fishing trip, well we caught more sting rays then fish, which was crazy! So needless to say the fishing trip was quite an adventure. Also I got some good pictures of the waves. Hurricane Bertha was swirling in the Atlantic and was bringing about swells of water around 5 to 6 feet about normal. It completely washed out one of the beaches that we had been driving on making the beach uninhabitable by people because of getting vehicles stuck. So it was neat to see but not much fun to deal with. My kids had an absolute ball. Haeley my youngest had quite an adventure as this was her first trip to the beach. She wasn't big on the roaring water, but the sand was quite an adventure for her. Serena just loves the beach. She doesn't care about anything else but playing in the water and the sand. She would live there if it was possible. So I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer and thanks for taking the time to check out my blog!