Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another GlamCouture Session

Today was awesome! It's so much fun to be behind the camera but it's also another kind of fun to be in front of the camera. I have learned so much from doing these sessions with her. Not only is she an amazing photographer she is also a good teacher! So I don't have the images to post yet but as soon as I do, I will put them up so you can see once again how amazing her work is. Also for anyone who is interested in having their own GlamCouture shots done don't hesitate to call her! It awesome to go in there your old plain jane self and be made to look like a runway model. Trust me when I say this because this is coming from a girly tomboy who does not wear makeup and just bought her first pair of heels about 6 months ago!!! So trust me she does an amazing job! Have a blessed day!