Friday, May 22, 2009

Some Randomness and some of Haeley

Only God Can paint the sky so beautifully 

This is an exotic chicken??
A new beginning
Copper.... makes people steal... Worth ALOT of money


Ok so I have been pretty bad at my blogging here lately and I apologize. Lots going on and lots to do. So tonight I am going to share some recent things I have shot and some of Haeley that I got the other day playing around and picking flowers. I find myself photographing some of the oddest things (there really cool to me but others may find them odd) and I just can't get enough of holding my camera and shooting. It's almost like an addiction. When I don't do it for a few days I start feeling weird and then have to pick it up and shoot SOMETHING! =) So with all that said I'll get on to the pictures. Hope everyone is doing well and have a wonderful holiday weekend. 

Peace and Love,


Thom said...

Great pictures, Stef! The sky pics are especially pretty! :0)

stefanycmt said...