Monday, March 2, 2009

IT FINALLY SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so it finally happened! It finally snowed. All the talk and all the hype and it finally happened! I couldn't quite believe it to be completely honest with you. I was shocked to wake up and see so much of it. Well the first thing I did was take some pictures. You know me I couldn't help myself. So then once we got up good and ate breakfast we then took the girls outside and boy was that some fun. Haeley has never experienced such a snow and she had a BLAST! We played for a while and then came in to let our toes and fingers unthaw and then I snuck out for a few minutes to mosey around and see what I could find to photograph. Then once I got home out we came again until I could no longer feel my toes! We have had an amazing day and I know that the girls did too. Hope you enjoy the photos and thanks for taking the time to stop by! 


JDMiller42107 said...

You got some really awesome shots Stef! : ) My camera battery was dead so I left all photography to Robbie yesterday!

stefanycmt said...

Thanks! Sucks about your camera battery! The cold will drain them quick! Hope he got some good shots for you! Take care!