Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lots to share!

Ok so have had a pretty interesting weekend. Friday I went on a field trip with Serena. We got to ride an Amtrak from Lynchburg to Charlottesville and that was really fun! I got some pics and will be posting them. It was so cool to see all the kids and how they reacted to being on a train for the first time. The only thing that made me a little queazy about the whole trip was there was one little boy who was going "ahhhh we're going to crash" and so you can imagine he wasn't my biggest fan at 6:00 in the morning flying about 50mph on a train. So with all that said we made it and we're safe and had an absolutely great time. 

Saturday Debbie and I went to the BlueRidge Parkway, Snowden, and we hit the old historical house on 29. We had much fun although we were extremely tired since we have had all winter off and haven't been able to walk as much so we have gotten out of shape. =) Well hope you enjoy, thanks for stopping by, enjoy the beautiful weather, and have a Blessed day! Peace and Love!